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Business Customers Only - Not for Retail Customers. business/dealer registration only. Retail customers please do not sign up for an account.
This is a registration page for businesses only that will purchase remotes, keys or accessories on regular basis or in bulk. Such businesses include car dealers, automotive locksmith, fleet services and similar companies which purchase in volume. In order to take advantage of our wholesale purchase prices, you must apply for a business account.

Please complete the registration form below by clicking Create My Account. Existing customers simply sign in. You will be able to sign in right away, however you will see your wholesale prices once your account was approved. It usually takes us one business day to approve business accounts. We will email you a confirmation to the email address supplied on our website. Once your application was approved please log out and then log in to your account to see your wholesale prices.

All Businesses: If you have a tax exemption, please complete and submit your reseller info. Please make sure the name you enter on your form matches the name printed on your certificate.

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Also Need Tax-Exempt Registration?

Please enter your Tax ID below, and submit via email the additional forms required by your state. Forms can be submitted here:

Please note: it will take one business day to review and approve your documentation.
You will receive an email confirmation once your tax-exempt registration is completed.

Once you have completed all your forms, please email them to or fax to 678-388-9842. All forms must be completed to receive tax-exempt status. Incomplete applications will not be processed, please await your confirmation email to ensure your tax-exempt status is complete.